Welcome to our Nursery
Welcome to Cathkin Community Nursery.
Cathkin Community Nursery provides early learning and childcare for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years. We are a South Lanarkshire Council non-denominational nursery with provision, both mornings and afternoons for;
6    x   0 - 2  year olds
10  x   2 - 3 year olds
56  x   3 - 5 year olds
Our nursery is inclusive to all children and families. We offer quality care and learning for all of our children. We work in partnership with many supporting services such as Health Visitors, Child Smile, Social Work Resources and other educational support services.

We have 3 playrooms which all have connecting gardens where our children learn through a variety of fun play experiences.

We have a parent’s room and facilitate classes, training and group meetings for a range of purposes to suit parents/carers needs and requirements.

Read our Standards and Quality Report for terms 2017-2018 and our Establishment Improvement Plan for the following year 2018-2019 by clicking on the links below:

Standards and Qulaity Report 2018/2019
Establisment Improvment Plan 2019/2020


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Cathkin Community Nursery Langlea Road Cambuslang G72 8ES
Tel: 0141 643 3484 Email: gw14cathkinnuroffice@glow.sch.uk
Nursery Sessions

We are currently in a pilot year for 1140 hours for all childre age 3-5 and eligable 2 year olds.

The seesion times available for 1140 hours are:

5 x am sessions (8.00 - 12.35)
5 x pm sessions (1.00 - 5.35)
2.5 days (Mon/Tue 8.00 - 5.35/Wed 8.00 - 12.00)
2.5 days (Wed 1.00-5.00/Thu/Fri 8.00-5.35)

Additional hours out with these times can be requested. 

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday, 8am – 6pm. 
We are open 52 weeks of the year. 
Our provision is only closed on public holidays and in-servce days.  
See all closure date for 2020 below:

Fri 7 Feb - In-service day
Wed 12 Feb - In-service day
Fri 10 Apr - Public holiday
Mon 13 Apr - Public holiday
Thu 7 May - In-service day 
Friday 8 May - Public holiday 
Fri 22 May Public holiday
Mon 25 May - Public holiday
Mon 20 July - Public holiday
Tue 11 Aug - In-service day 
Wed 12 Aug - In-service day 
Fri 25 Sept - Public holiday
Mon 28 Sep - Public holiday
Mon 16 Nov  - In-service day 
Fri 25 Dec - Public holiday
Mon 28 Dec - Public holiday

Directions to Nursery
Admission to Nursery

Nursery places are not identified by catchment areas. You can view the details of South Lanarkshire Council's early years establishments and partner provider nurseries on South Lanarkshire Councils webpage.

Once you have decided which nursery you want your child to go to, you should contact them to apply. Application forms are available from all Council and partner provider nurseries.                                   

Your first choice is not guaranteed so you should indicate a second and third choice on your application form. Only one application should be submitted per child and closing date for applications is 28 February.


Vision & Aims

South Lanarkshire Council’s ELC Vision

Within South Lanarkshire Council Early Years Team, we have a clear vision: -

“We aim to ensure at all our youngest children have the very best start in life.  We will provide the highest quality of ELC that ensures the children are happy, well cared for and have the highest quality learning opportunities through an ethos of respect, happiness, fun and inspirational play and environments.

At Cathkin Community Nursery, we have a very clear vision:

“We aspire to provide the highest level of Early Learning and Childcare, where our youngest children are challenged beyond their potential. We promote an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcomed, valued, respected, nurtured, happy and supported.  We strive for an ethos of fun, kindness, love, friendship and challenge where children feel safe and inspired to learn”.


Nursery Cost

The nursery provides 1140 hours of funded early education and childcare places for 3 and 4 year olds and eligible 2 year olds across a 52 week service.  If you are not eligible for the above hours or require more than 1140 hours, these would be charged at £3.20 per hour.  

An additional contribution of 50p per session is charged.  This assists us in providing your child with a healthy snack and additional curricular activities.

Child Protection

Lanarkshire's Shared Vision for children:
“All children and young people in Lanarkshire have the right to be cared for and protected from abuse and harm in a safe environment in which their rights are respected.”

All agencies will work together in a collaborative way to promote the safety and wellbeing of children and young people in Lanarkshire.


What is Child Abuse

Child abuse is when a child or young person is being hurt or harmed or at risk of being harmed.   Abuse can happen to children and young people of any age.

Children have the right to feel safe and be safe from harm and grow up in a safe caring environment.  Children have the right to be protected from people who may harm them.

More information and support can be on the website listed below.


Child Protection Procedures

All staff in educational establishments in South Lanarkshire Council are required to follow the advice and guidance contained in “South Lanarkshire Child Protection Interagency Guidance and Educational Procedures”.

Within Cathkin Community Nursery all our staff are trained and experienced in child protection policy and procedures.  We use a number of activties and resources with our children to support them in keeping themselves safe.  These include our 'Be Safe' programme and stories such as The Big Bag of Worries for our pre-school aged children.  We also encourage our children to talk to someone if they are upset or worried about anything. 

This is an important aspect of our work and it is important that we share with parents and carers how we do this and to be confident that we will keep your child safe in all sorts of situations.


Geting it Right for Every Child  - GIRFEC

Getting it Right for Every Child is a national approach in Scotland to improving outcomes and supporting the wellbeing of our children and young people by offering the right help at the right time from the right people. It supports them and their parents to work in partnership with the services that can help them.

Wellbeing sits at the heart of the GIRFEC approach and is easily tailored to meet the needs of each child.  GIRFEC has 8 wellbeing indicators and are commonly referred to by their initial letters - SHANARRI.  

Protected from abuse, neglect or harm at home, at school and in the community.

Having the highest attainable standards of physical and mental health, access to suitable healthcare and support in learning to make healthy, safe choices.

Being supported and guided in learning and in the development of skills, confidence and self-esteem, at home, in school and in the community. 

Having a nurturing place to live in a family setting, with additional help if needed, or, where possible, in a suitable care setting.

Having opportunities to take part in activities such as play, recreation and sport, which contribute to healthy growth and development, at home, in school and in the community.

Having the opportunity, along with carers, to be heard and involved in decisions that affect them.

Having opportunities and encouragement to play active and responsible roles at home, in school and in the community, and where necessary, having appropriate guidance and supervision, and being involved in decisions that affect them.

Having help to overcome social, educational, physical and economic inequalities, and being accepted as part of the community in which they live and learn.

Within Cathkin Community Nursery we promote all aspects of Getting it Right For Every Child.


Be Safe Programme

The 'Be Safe' Programme is a programme widely used in schools to empower children to discuss what is scary or worrying and who they can talk to if they are frightened or worried about something. We also cover dangers they may come across in the home such as harmful substances like medices or bleach. Our programme covers child protection and enables children to voice concerns and keep themselves safe.

How we do this?

We deliver a 6 week programme to our pre-school children and involve them in a variety of different activities including discussions, art work and storytelling. Children are encouraged to make a 'Helping Hand' to show the people they can go to for support and help if they are worried.

This programme has been run successfully for many years and is beneficial to children in a number of ways. The children learn to understand safe and unsafe situations, to know it’s okay to share our thoughts and feelings on what makes us scared or happy. It develops their confidence and they are able to discuss how they feel more openly. They also gain an understanding of the different feelings we have and how they make our body feel for example butterflies in our tummy, sweaty palms or racing hearts. All of which empowers children to help keep them safe.

Parents/carers have the oppprtunity to attend a briefing session about the 'Be Safe' programme.


Cathkin Community Nursery