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Cathkin Community Nursery Langlea Road Cambuslang G72 8ES
Tel: 0141 643 3484 Email: gw14cathkinnuroffice@glow.sch.uk
Welcome to the Butterfly Room

Butterfly Room (aged 2 – 3 years)  

In the butterfly room we have 10 children and 2 qualified staff who are experienced and knowledgeable in supporting young children’s learning and development.   We encourage our children to explore and investigate their surroundings as at this at this stage the children are curious and inquisitive.  They benefit from being allowed to use their imagination and develop their thinking skills.  In the playroom the children are given a variety of experiences which are child led.  They are encouraged to make choices in their play situations and with the support of staff their learning will be supported and enhanced by the staff.  The children engage in art and craft activities, role play, singing songs and storytelling all of which enhance their  social skills and skills in communication, literacy and numeracy.  Our children learn to become independent through following the room routine, snack and personal routines such as toileting.   We believe it is important to give time for children to persevere with their chosen tasks, test out their own theories or revisit the same experience in a variety of ways.  We have easy access to a purposeful outdoor area allowing the children to continue their learning, exploration and discovery outside. 

We are guided in how we plan for our youngest children’s learning through using documents such as South Lanarkshire’s ‘Together We Can’, ’Pre-Birth to 3’ and ‘Building the Ambition’.

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